Words and music: Josephine Davies lyrics How vast the sky, unbound beholden not to the whims of men How sweet the air, such delight, old melodies, whispered time again Now I am still, I see distant clouds write their poetry. As the earth breaths, I find this joyous silence empties my mind. The waves at play, inviting me to stay in this place I know. I finally sleep now I hear that lullaby from a sense of home. On moonlit shore, we stand reaching forth, far from where we began Your smiling eyes meet mine, as we embrace this brief tranquil time. Through quiet mist we drift alone as day softly dawns anew. In love’s sweet hand I am held And my heart soars when I wake with you
Two Cities 05:53
Evils of thinking Too hard to get out of here, I am trapped, By myself, I am here on my own, All these voices are mine, All these pictures are mine, All together they shout and are stronger with time, Help me please, My heart races my head, It’s the loser that wins, Twisting out of control, I am lost and alone in this dark crazy hole Time to reflect on what I’ve done and what I hope to finish I can’t help myself so vanish inside my head. Too hard to get out of here, I am trapped, By myself, VERSE 2 I just can’t get out of here, My thoughts they won’t clear, The shouts form a fog, They’re a big angry mob, I try every way, to allow them their say, they don’t care that I’m here. I just don’t want to wake up, In the still of the night, when the voices are loud, They don’t want me to breathe, they force me beneath. Clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth If I can reach the morning I don’t care about the yawning dawn will come and ill forget what’s inside my head. Too hard to get out of here, I am trapped, By myself,
Freefall 06:18


The group is comprised of Parliamentary Jazz Award winning instrumentalist of the year 2019 saxophonist/composer Josephine Davies, acclaimed bassist/saxophonist/singer/composer Ben Somers, multi award winning vocalist/composer Christine Tobin and Phil Robson who holds numerous accolades such as Parliamentary 'Jazz Musician of the Year' & 'Album Of The Year'. Although all four musicians have many releases under their own names they have decided to work together in a time when most jazz musicians' reasons for being, creativity, inspiration & interaction have been made very difficult.
The 'Two Cities EP' contains four pieces, one by each member of the group.


released December 4, 2020

Christine Tobin - Voice
Josephine Davies - Saxophones
Phil Robson - Guitar
Ben Somers - Double Bass/Woodwind

Mixed by Phil Robson
Recorded Nov/Dec 2020


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Ben Somers London, UK


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